Professional Custom Services


Our custom service can cover the popular products in the market. Cosmetics series, stationery series, accessory series and storage box series are the most popular categories for our customers.


Our custom fabrication options include:

  • Display size, shape, etc.
  • Full range of color options
  • Image and logo placement
  • Standing, hanging and countertop displays
  • Enclosed and open cases and displays



Display Rack Design Service

Customized on demand

  • Have design drawings

If you have a design drawing, we will carefully review your drawing file, and if there is an unreasonable place, we will communicate with you in advance. After confirming the process and size requirements of the drawing, we will issue the production task in strict accordance with the confirmed drawing.


  • Have the sample?

If there is no design drawing, you can directly send the sample to us if there is a sample. Our designer will design the document according to your requirements after communication according to the sample until you are satisfied.


  • Love the products on this site?

If you want to own the same product of this website and want to customize it according to your product size, you can directly contact the customer service for consultation.


  • Have ideas/pictures/videos?

If there is no source file, or the source files need to be improved, or if you have product design ideas/reference pictures and videos, you can directly communicate with our designers, and we will send the drawings to you for confirmation before making samples.


  • Don't have anything?

There is no concept, first of all, communicate with customer service about the functional use of the product you need, we will send you the relevant product cases for your reference, as long as you believe in our professionalism, you will get a satisfactory design scheme.


If you have other special customization need, please contact customer service personnel.


Main Material of Stands



With good transparency, chemical stability and weather resistant, easy drying, easy processing, beautiful appearance.



Wooden shelves are mainly density board, polymer light safety board, joinery board, plywood, particle board, fire board.


Metal material hardware products are generally galvanized hardware, stainless steel plate, aluminum alloy plate, weathering steel plate.The purpose of the finish is for corrosion protection and aesthetics.



Most plastics have strong corrosion resistance, do not react with acids and bases, and are easy to be molded into different shapes. Durable, waterproof, lightweight and strong. It is a good insulator.


Cooperation Process

If you do not know how to explain the requirements to the customer service, you can refer to the following format:

Product type

Such as: eyebrow pencil

Product size

L x W x H(mm)

Display rack material

Such as: acrylic

Display rack color

Such as: transparent/black

Preferred display rack type

Can send pictures/language descriptions

Display rack size requirements

Such as: the height cannot exceed 300mm(If there is no requirement or do not know the size can be ignored.)

Graphic Design Services

Regarding the product plane pictures, if you have design requirements, you can also consult customer service. WEITU DISPLAY design team can give you high-quality service.

Product photography and videography

Basic Product Photography

If your order on the website is over $1000, we will provide you with 5 free photos of the product with a solid color background from different angles.For orders between $500-1000. We will provide three free photos.If you need more photos, for more photos, we charge $5 each.The following pictures are for reference:

We can provide a variety of product shooting services, you can choose your favorite solid color background/according to the product selection of shooting background. If you only need to provide shooting services for you, please refer to the following figure.

Premium Product Photography

Designers can use props you need in Premium Photos (props are available for an additional fee) and they will edit the photo in Photoshop to make the photo higher quality. Pricing starts at $20. The price starts at $20. Inquire for a quote. The following pictures are for reference:

Advertisement Design

We can provide advertising design for your products, so that your products more colorful, the price starts at $20. The following pictures are for reference:


Pictures of Product Instructions

Our design team will make use of the product steps into beautiful pictures and typesetting, to ensure that your customers fully understand and use the product.

  • If you have an order on this website, you will be provided with a free user manual of the ordered products if you need it.
  • If you need to make a separate manual for your product, the price starts at $20. Inquire for a quote.The following pictures are for reference:


If you need product-related advertising design, you can inquire for a quote.