WEITU DISPLAY is a manufacturing and supply team that specializes in providing customized display stands.

Our original intention is - "Treat customers humanely, demand objects of high quality".Since the establishment of the team, we have been dedicated to providing customers with professional customized solutions for display stands; we have been working on processing and customization of acrylic, wooden, metal, and plastic display stands.


Over the years, we have combined personal and corporate brands of various sizes to continuously optimize the principles of display stand customization according to the market. Here, large orders and small orders will be treated equally. The professionalism of the team is enough to allow you to win praise in the exhibition of similar products. When you receive high-quality goods, you will also feel the humanized and intimate service of the team. In addition, your customers will also get a high-quality shopping experience.


Reasons for choosing us:

  • Professional services
  • Quality assurance
  • Complete specifications
  • Considerate after-sales service